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Residency Program

Greetings from Temple!

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Temple University Hospital is committed to providing a strong foundation of obstetrical and gynecological education with broad subspecialty exposure. We take pride in the balance of our program, preparing residents for their careers, subspecialty training, and the skills needed to practice in academic or community settings.

The goal of the program is to support and guide resident physicians in acquiring the knowledge required to providing outstanding clinical care in gynecologic and obstetrical practice. As we recognize that residency is an important time for personal and professional growth; our environment is supportive, with appropriate clinical responsibilities, educational opportunities, and faculty expertise and availability. Our residents are bright, personable, and committed physicians who are invested in service and advocacy for their patients. Upon completion of residency and their entrance into the workforce, they are highly qualified physicians that are improving the quality of life for patients across the country.

Our program benefits from committed faculty, a wonderfully diverse patient base and a friendly environment. We welcome you to explore what our program has to offer and thank you for your consideration.


Stacey Jeronis, MD
Residency Program Director