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Residents as Teachers and Leaders (RaTL) Curriculum

Residents as Teachers and Leaders (RaTL)

At Temple, we feel that it is important to provide our residents with formal training in teaching and to foster leadership skills. Our goal is for our residents to graduate from our program with the tools to be not only outstanding clinicians, but also leaders in medical education. To accomplish this, residents participate in a robust ‘Residents as Teachers and Leaders’ curriculum that begins during their fist year of training. The goals of this curriculum are:

  • To help residents develop the skills to become effective clinical teachers
  • To help residents develop the skills to become effective team leaders
  • To prepare residents for a career in medical education
  • To give residents the time and space to reflect on their own career development and the role they play in the career development of their trainees
  • To foster a sense of community in our residency program

Curriculum Delivery

The majority of the RaTL curriculum is delivered during bi-annual retreats. Each class participates in their own unique retreat that includes didactics, case-based discussions, and small group reflection sessions. Coverage of clinical responsibilities is arranged for the day so that all residents can participate and also includes protected time for a class ‘night out.’ Curricular themes of the retreats include:

  • Practical Teaching Skills
  • Learner Assessment
  • Giving Feedback
  • Cognitive Error
  • Illness Scripts
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Recognizing and dealing with burnout
  • Teaching Professionalism
  • Finding meaning in your work

Other Medical Education Opportunities Unique to Temple

Aside from our formal Residents as Teachers and Leaders curriculum, there are multiple unique opportunities for residents to gain additional teaching experience. These include:

Teaching Resident Elective- During this elective, residents have the opportunity to develop and refine their small group teaching skills. Responsibilities include creating and delivering a daily, interactive, case-based conference to 3rd year medical students on their medicine clerkship. Residents also participate in the students’ simulation sessions and provide support to students who need extra coaching during the rotation.

Teaching-Intensive Sub-I Service: The general medicine sub-I service is an intensive teaching experience for PGY3 residents. Residents on this service supervise 2 sub-interns. The teams take overnight call, and carry a full patient load.