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2023-2024 Chief Residents 


Meet our chief medical residents! Our chief residents serve as key leaders for our program and work together as a team to serve the mission of Temple's residency, hospital, and community. They are selected during their PGY-2 year for excellence as clinicians, educators, and leaders. The chief year is an additional PGY-4 year completed at the end of their residency and an opportunity for our chiefs to give back to our program. Their responsibilities include clinical service through outpatient precepting and as a hospitalist attending on the inpatient floors, educators via curriculum development, administrators, mentors, and advocates for the residency program. 


Kaitlyn McSurdy MD stands on a balcony

Kaitlyn McSurdy, MD

Medical School: St. George’s University School of Medicine
Hometown: Ringtown, PA
Career Interests: Cardiology (prevention, women’s heart disease, and heart failure-critical care), Medical Education, Social Media in Medicine
In My Free Time: I’m super active and enjoy anything involves movement (particularly running, weightlifting, hiking, and occasionally dusting off my jump shot in recreational basketball). I also enjoy traveling (both solo and with my fiancé), reading non-fiction, learning about urban public transit systems, thrift shopping (tons of good spots in Philly!), and am a faithfully devoted fan of 25 years to Law and Order SVU on Thursday nights.
Favorite Thing About Temple: I’ll use the word “community” because by “people” I mean the residents and faculty, but also our patients. Medicine feels non-hierarchical from the time you’re an intern which cultivates an atmosphere where it is easy to ask for support whenever you need it and makes co-workers feel like family. Our patients make this job extra rewarding and have taught me so much about both medicine and life. Russell’s pancakes and Earth Cup 90’s R&B playlists are close seconds, though.
Favorite Thing About Philly: The energy and pride of the people and the city – can't really be explained, only felt!
Fun Fact: I didn’t drink a single cup of coffee (or any caffeinated drink, for that matter) throughout residency and am a level 2 certified scuba diver!


Andrew Motzer MD stands in front of a historic building structure

Andrew Motzer, MD

Medical School: Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University
Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ
Career Interests: Infectious Disease
In My Free Time: I like to travel and learn about geography and history.
Favorite Thing About Temple: We’re Temple tough. It can be a challenging place to work, but we always help each other out and get the job done.
Favorite Thing About Philly: Really love the South Philly food scene- very underestimated with a lot of hole-in-the-wall Italian, Mexican, and Vietnamese restaurants.
Fun Fact: I love to travel to unusual destinations! From Kazakhstan to the DMZ, I’m always exploring cool places off the beaten path.

Risabh Khatri MD poses outdoors while traveling

Rishabh Khatri, MD

Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
Career Interests: Gastroenterology, Research, Healthcare Administration 
In My Free Time: Watching and playing basketball. Trying new restaurants in Philadelphia – on the quest for the best breakfast biscuit sandwich
Favorite Thing About Temple: The life-long friends and mentors
Favorite Thing About Philly: Reading Terminal Market and the many coffee shops
Fun Fact:  I can do a wheelie on my bicycle

Alexander Quinn MD poses at an outdoor gathering

Alexander Quinn, MD

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Career Interests: Cardiology
In My Free Time: I play the piano, watch football (diehard 49ers fan, sorry Eagles), and doing literally anything with my daughter.
Favorite Thing About Temple: Shenanigans with the new, life-long friends I’ve made here.
Favorite Thing About Philly: Walking down Pine Street with a croissant and people-watching in the park with my family.
Fun Fact: Robin Williams gave me a piggyback ride once when I was a baby.

Tashawni Channer MD poses in front of a gray wall

Tashawni M. Channer, DO

Medical School: Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: New York City, NY
Career Interests: Hospitalist Medicine, Hospital Administration
In My Free Time: I love to do jigsaw puzzles (minimum 1k pieces), embracing my Caribbean Culture and participating in Carnivals.
Favorite Thing About Temple: Our patients!  Coming from an underserved population, I get to directly make an impact on my patients' lives.  Being able to serve our patients is one of the most rewarding parts of being a physician.
Favorite Thing About Philly: The Vibes, every neighborhood has its own feel and food scene! 
Fun Fact: I have won TWO pie eating a row!

2023-24 chief residents at a Temple social gatheringAndrew Motzer and Alexander Quinn enjoy some down timeKaitlyn McSurdy and Tashawni M. Channer stand in front of the Temple medevac helicopter2023-24 chief residents seated at a table for a mealCurrent chief residents at a social eventCurrent chief residents pose outdoorsCurrent chief residents at an evening gatheringThe chief residents attend a conferenceKaitlyn McSurdy and Andrew Motzer dressed in scrubs enjoying a luau-themed event