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Celebrating Faculty Promotion

News July 13, 2021

Temple Faculty Promotion Event“This year, 55 of you – fifty-five of our amazing faculty – earned promotion to a higher rank,” Amy Goldberg, MD, FACS, Interim Dean, at the July 8 faculty promotion celebration at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine.  

“We’re here to celebrate you today – and I’m so fortunate that I get to be among the first to say congratulations,” she told the group, which included not just the newly promoted faculty themselves but also senior leadership of the school of medicine, administrators, and department chairs who came out to honor their teammates.   

The faculty earning promotion this year represent a spectrum of basic science and clinical disciplines, including the Center for Metabolic Disease Research, and the Departments of Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Pathology, among others. Two of the fifty-five faculty were promoted from Instructor to Assistant Professor, 37 from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor, and 16 from Associate Professor to the full Professor rank. In addition, two faculty earned tenure at Temple University.   

According to Heather Clauss, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, to earn promotion to a higher rank, faculty must demonstrate that they have advanced their own performance to the next level through scholarship, teaching, research, service, leadership, and meet other criteria connected to their particular roles.   

“To earn promotion takes serious work. But you make it look easy – because you are so smart, efficient, and accomplished,” Dean Goldberg said. 

“I want to thank Dr. Heather Clauss, Sharon Kass, and everyone who put this event together – a first-of-its-kind for our school – and the kind of celebration we need to do every year to recognize faculty promotion. This is my philosophy: Never forego an opportunity to celebrate,” Dean Goldberg said.

Congratulations to the following faculty members: 


* Faculty who earned tenure