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Nicole L. Griffin, PhD

Associate Professor, Anatomy & Cell Biology

Nicole Griffin
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Education, Training & Credentials

Educational Background

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Evolutionary Anthropology, Duke University
  • PhD, Hominid Paleobiology, The George Washington University
  • BS, Evolutionary Anthropology, Rutgers College, Rutgers University

PubMed Publications

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1. Patel B, Jashashvili T, Bui S, Carlson K, Griffin NL, Wallace I, Orr C, Susman R. Inter-ray variation in metatarsal strength properties in humans and African apes: implications for inferring bipedal biomechanics in the Olduvai Hominid 8. Journal of Human Evolution 2018; 121:147-165

2. Ali S, Griffin NL, Ellis W, Meyr AJ. Communication of Contrast in the Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendon with Other Pedal Tendons at the Master Knot of Henry. Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association 2017; 107:166-170

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4. Griffin NL, Miller CE, Schmitt D, D’Août K. An investigation of the dynamic relationship between navicular drop and first metatarsophalangeal joint dorsal excursion. Journal of Anatomy 2013; 222:598-607

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7. Griffin NL and Richmond BG. Joint orientation and function in great ape and human proximal pedal phalanges. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 2010; 141:116–123

8. Griffin NL, Gordon AD, Richmond BG, and Antón SC. Cross-sectional geometric analysis of a foot bone assemblage from Mangaia, Cook Islands. HOMO-Journal of Comparative Human Biology 2008; 59:27-40

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1. Miller C, Popelka J, Griffin NL. Confirming Torture: The Use of Imaging in Victims of Falanga. Forensic Magazine 2014