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Research Faculty Mentoring Program

The Lewis Katz School of Medicine (LKSOM) at Temple University is committed to advancing faculty at all stages of their academic careers, in order to build and maintain excellence in academic medicine, medical education and health care. For this purpose, LKSOM has established the Research Faculty Mentoring Program, which provides a highly supportive academic environment for nurturing the faculty from all units across the School and across gender, race, ethnicity, cultural and generational lines. In collaboration with Departments and Research Centers, the Research Faculty Mentoring Program facilitates partnerships between highly experienced faculty mentors and junior faculty mentees. The Program organizes mentoring conferences for mentees and mentors, and actively works to ensure all faculty members receive appropriate coaching and advice. The Research Faculty Mentoring Program also works closely with the newly established Internal Research Grant Review Program at LKSOM to provide feedback for faculty on research proposals prior to their submission to external funding agencies. 

The Director of the Research Faculty Mentoring Program is Xiaofeng Yang, MD, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology. The Program reports jointly to the LKSOM Offices of Faculty Affairs and Research. For additional information regarding the Faculty Mentoring Program, please contact Dr. Yang at

For additional information regarding the LKSOM Internal Grant Reviewing Program, please contact Assoc. Professor of Medical Genetics & Molecular Biochemistry, Dale S. Haines, PhD, at