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Program Requirements

The academic requirements for admission to the MD/PhD Program are high and include:

  • Meeting the requirements for admission to the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University
  • Demonstration of high quality scientific preparation
  • In most instances, research experience of at least one year prior to admission to the program
  • Outstanding letters of recommendation
  • Acceptance by the MD/PhD Program Committee

Review of Applicants and Selection of MD/PhD Students

MD/PhD students are selected from a pool of applicants directly to the MD/PhD Program, all of whom must submit a separate application for admission to the MD Program. Close coordination and cooperation exist between the Medical School Admissions Committee and the MD/PhD Program Committee, which also serves as the Admissions Committee for the MD/PhD Program. In addition, students may be recruited from the freshman Temple University Medical School class.

The criteria for admission for the MD/PhD applicants from the general applicant pool are based upon those currently in use for regular admission to the MD Program. Overall GPA and MCAT scores should be significantly higher than normally required for Temple University Medical School admission. The applicant's academic background must demonstrate exceptional research or scholarly interest and experience.