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Dual Degree/Certificate Programs

Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University (Katz) offers programs leading to dual degrees. Each dual degree is arranged between the medical school and the related degree-granting school, thereby introducing scheduling efficiencies. The curricula of the dual degree programs are not integrated; rather, students in dual degree programs will complete all curricular requirements of each program. Students pursuing any of the dual master’s programs can enroll at either the St. Luke’s or North Philadelphia campus. 

Tuition is paid for the courses leading to each degree. Upon successful completion of each component of the program, the student will receive an MD/PhD degree, MD/MA in Urban Bioethics degree, MD/MBA degree or an MD/Certificate in Narrative Medicine.

Candidates interested in the MD/MA in Urban Bioethics, MD/MBA, or the MD/Certificate in Narrative Medicine apply for acceptance to the other programs after acceptance to the MD program. Candidate’s complete an application for their desired program and are evaluated using the procedures and criteria of that programs admission process.

MD/PhD Program


The MD/PhD Program provides the opportunity to gain expertise in clinical medicine and become broadly trained in basic science research at an institution noted for excellence in teaching and research. The comprehensive seven/eight-year program attracts bright, highly motivated students considering a research career in academic medicine.

  • 2 Years: 1st and 2nd years of the Medical School curriculum
  • 3 or 4 Years: Original research project and PhD course completion under the guidance of a preceptor
  • 2 Years: 3rd and 4th years of the Medical School curriculum

Establishing a solid research foundation, the first two years of the program include four laboratory rotations.  In subsequent years, students concentrate on one of five areas within the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program for their doctoral research:

  • Cancer Biology and Genetics
  • Infectious Disease and Immunity
  • Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
  • Neuroscience
  • Organ Systems and Translational Medicine

Within these five broad fields, MD/PhD candidates can work closely in the School of Medicine’s world-class, disease-based research centers with their advisors and faculty—all of whom are premier researchers in their respective fields. Such in-depth involvement with cutting-edge research is one of the key reasons that the MD/PhD Program is an exceptional way to jumpstart a career in academic medicine.

MD/MA in Urban Bioethics Program


The MD/MA in Urban Bioethics Program is a unique opportunity for Katz students to engage in a program focused on health equity in clinical care, research and policy. 

Offered through Temple’s Center for Urban Bioethics, this interdisciplinary program prepares students to better understand and address the ethical challenges experienced in urban communities where density, diversity, and disparity contribute to health inequities. Coursework in grounded in theoretical and analytic bioethics as well as in methodological tools for community engagement.

The MA can be completed concurrently with medical school courses with no additional time necessary to complete both degrees. Scholarships are available for MD/MA students.

MD/MBA (Master of Business Administration)


Offered jointly by Temple University’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine and Fox School of Business, this dual-degree program allows students to enroll in online business courses any time during medical school. No additional time is necessary to complete the MBA coursework. Applicants benefit from special tuition scholarships and an expedited MBA application process that includes a GMAT waiver.

The Online MBA program begins with a five-day orientation residency on campus, during which students complete their first course and engage in networking, professional development, technology training and team-building activities. Dual-degree students will complete 36 credits of core MBA coursework, with 12 elective credits awarded to the MBA program upon successful completion of the Doctoring 1 and 2 courses.

Fox online classes meet over five, seven, ten, and fifteen weeks. While all prerecorded course content is available 24/7 in a mobile-friendly format, Fox Online MBA students will dive deeper into business topics by attending live web conferencing classes. Finally, an integrative capstone experience allows students to demonstrate, in a real-world setting, that they have mastered the knowledge and skills that today’s healthcare and business environments require.

MD/Certificate in Narrative Medicine

Launched in Fall 2021, the Graduate Certificate Program in Narrative Medicine formally recognizes proficiency in narrative medicine -- a burgeoning field within academic medicine and healthcare.

The 12-credit program develops participants’ aptitude for identifying, interpreting, and telling stories of sickness and health.

The program offers participants a deep dive into the principles and practices of Narrative Medicine, providing a foundation for analysis and reflection connected to experiential work in hospital and clinical settings. 

The curriculum improves narrative skills through reflective writing assignments and through analysis of fiction and non-fiction writing. Participants interested in other forms of expression (such as film, visual arts, dance, music, and other creative media) have opportunities to explore those outlets for reflection and storytelling as well.

Through participation in small seminar courses, activities in the hospital, and completion of a capstone project, participants explore the role of narrative to improve their ability to understand patients, to care for patients, to deepen their sense of meaning, and to increase satisfaction in their clinical roles.