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2013 Entering Class

PhD Graduate Students

Lorena Armijo    
Cluster: NSCI     
Advisor: Gianluca Gallo

Krista Connelly    
Cluster: NSCI     
Advisor: Ellen Unterwald

Sandra Deliard    
Cluster: CBGN     
Advisor: Jean-Pierre Issa

Hangfei Fu    
Cluster: IDIM     
Advisor: Xiao-feng Yang

Shuchi Guo    
Cluster: OSTM     
Advisor: Douglas Tilley

Rabia Khawaja    
Cluster: NSCI     
Advisor: Shin Kang

Michael Lee    
Cluster: IDIM     
Advisor: Stefania Gallucci

Ahmet Ozdemir    
Cluster: CBGN     
Advisor: Richard Pomerantz

Mitali Ray    
Cluster: OSTM     
Advisor: Michael Autieri

Alana Vagnozzi    
Cluster: NSCI     
Advisor: Domenico Pratico

CBGN = Cancer Biology and Genetics
IDIM =  Infectious Diseases and Immunity
MCBS =  Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
NSCI =  Neuroscience
OSTM =  Organ Systems and Translational Medicine