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LKSOM Summer Pre-Matriculation Program

The summer Pre-matriculation Readiness & Enrichment Program (PREP) is open to all incoming first-year students. The program supports participants’ smooth transition to medical school and ultimate academic success by: providing early exposure to the medical curriculum; introducing students to the rigor of medical school; and assisting with the development of learning and study-skill strategies.

Student Profiles

The PREP program made me more comfortable with the idea of medical school. Coming from Georgia and being in the first in my family to pursue a career in medicine was going to be a really drastic change, that I was not entirely sure I was prepared for. The introduction to medical school through various lessons and assessments gave me an idea of how to prepare to study and what materials to use. I didn’t have much background in anatomy and biological systems because of my undergraduate degree, but PREP allowed me to have inside perspective on what to expect. In additional to this introduction, I got to meet faculty, administrators, and mentors both students and physicians. I really enjoyed getting to meet friends early and explore Philadelphia. I made great connections that have made medical school really enjoyable so far, and I am grateful to the PREP program for such a great transition. - Kiara Smith


The PREP program was a great opportunity to get acclimated to the medical school environment. I especially enjoyed the time spent with my classmates, all of whom became close friends of mine by the end of the program. Another major benefit of the program was how it eased my transition into the school year. By the time the school started I already had a solid group of friends, and knew my way around Philadelphia and the LKSOM pretty well. This made things much easier for me and allowed me to focus better on school. All in all, my experience during the program was incredibly positive and impactful. I would highly recommend it. - Kevin Otundo Nyabera