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Support Our Mission for LGBTQ Equality

The Temple Health LGBTQ Task Force Alliance is an inclusive group that welcomes anyone who is interested in supporting our mission, LGBTQ individuals, or friends. Donations to the Task Force are gratefully accepted and help to support the following areas: 

  • Education: Educating medical students and Temple Health staff about LGBTQ health disparities helps ensure that future healthcare providers will be sensitive to the unique needs of this community.
  • Outreach: LGBTQ-centered outreach initiatives take Temple personnel into the community to raise awareness about LGBTQ issues, provide health screenings, promote health equity, and educate the public about Temple’s services.
  • Professional Development: LGBTQ-centered educational conferences keep members of the Task Force up-to-date on the most current issues facing this community.
  • Engagement: Medical school applicants or resident/fellow applicants can learn more about the Task Force at luncheons held during their visits.

Give Now

Donations to the Temple Health LGBTQ Alliance Task Force – no matter the amount – help us advance equality for the LGBTQ community both at Temple and in the greater Philadelphia region.