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Liselotte E. Jensen, PhD

Associate Professor, Microbiology, Immunology and Inflammation
Associate Professor, Center for Inflammation and Lung Research
Associate Professor, Cardiovascular Sciences

Liselotte Jensen
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In the Jensen laboratory, we explore the role of epithelial cells as first responders to stress, infection and injury. Epithelial cells are typically not considered part of the immune system; however, many human pathogens replicate in epithelial cells and tissues. Our overarching working hypothesis is that epithelial cells are not mere victims of such infections but play an active role in homeostasis and the fight against microorganisms. On the flip side, epithelial cells may also contribute to chronic inflammatory conditions, when pathways are dysregulated. Interestingly, in the presence of unremitting inflammation epithelial cells can turn cancerous as well. We currently investigate the physiological functions of the interleukin-36 (IL-36) cytokines with a focus on skin, brain, CNS and lung disease and physiology. IL-36 represents three cytokines, IL-36a, IL-36b and IL-36g, that signal through a common receptor, IL-36R (IL1RL2), and are structurally related to the pleiotropic IL-1a and IL-1b. The IL-36 system is predominantly expressed in epithelial tissues, while the receptor for IL-1 is universally distributed. A unifying hypothesis for these two protein families is that they may have evolved to counteract microbial immune evasion strategies. Over time additional activities may have been adopted. To achieve a holistic understanding of their functions, we employ both in vivo mouse models of disease and in vitro human and mouse cell culture systems. An integral part of our work is studies of unconventional protein secretion and life and death decisions in cells. The mechanisms studied are immediately relevant to infections, psoriasis, sickness behavior, and tissue regeneration, and may have implications for our understanding of, for example, asthma, atopic dermatitis, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, inflammatory bowel disease and vaccine development.

Education, Training & Credentials

Educational Background

  • Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Pennsylvania, 1998-2002
  • Research Fellow, Trinity College,1997-1998
  • PhD, Biotechnology, University of Aarhus, 1997
  • MSc, Chemistry and Biotechnology, University of Aarhus, 1994

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