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Student-Run Clinic

TEAC’s student run clinic serves individuals experiencing homelessness in North Philadelphia. The clinic is managed and staffed by first and second year students who work to create a triage station, vitals area, medical team, advocacy station and pharmacy. At the vitals station, patients can get their blood pressure, temperature and blood glucose checked. The medical team students work in conjunction with third and fourth year medical students. This is one of the only opportunities for students from every class to work together on patient care in a clinical setting. In particular, it is a unique opportunity for first and second years to gain practice interacting with patients and presenting cases to physicians before the start of their third year clinical rotations. Temple physicians oversee patient-student interactions and determine appropriate plans of care. There is an advocacy station which helps patients with non-clinical health factors including housing searches, job searches, and health education surrounding chronic issues such as diabetes and hypertension. The clinic’s pharmacy dispenses over the counter medication and counsels patients on medication education."