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In order to provide students with necessary skills for sub-acute disaster response conditions, TEAC has designed a Global Disaster Elective for first and second year medical students.


This elective is the introductory component of the Global Disaster Management curriculum and allows students to gain real life, hands-on experience in dealing with disaster response. The aim of the elective is to provide students with the knowledge and tools needed to response to a disaster. Highlights of the didactic sessions include disaster triage, malaria, HIV and tuberculosis presentations. Practical skills taught include laceration repair, orthopedic injury management and IV placement. There have also been sessions on how to handle the emotional stress of those affected by disaster in collaboration with the Crisis Response Center of Temple University Hospital’s Episcopal Campus. Students frequently cite this elective as one of the most helpful for learning practical skills.

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In 2009, TEAC expanded its curriculum to include a second, more clinically focused component. The foundation of this class centers on the idea that the best way to learn a skill is to physically practice the maneuvers in as close to the real setting as possible. TEAC II elective students are invited to participate in focused Emergency Department-based training with a focus on triage and first responder skills. TEAC II also incorporates education focused more on systems management approach, allowing students to learn first hand how disaster response is orchestrated within the Philadelphia area. Outside the hospital, students learn about the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system by visiting the Penndel Middletown Emergency Squad in Langhorne, PA to learn about emergency response vehicles and procedures. Students can also spend a day doing a helicopter ride along at Doylestown.

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CPR and Disaster Response

The CPR/Disaster Relief branch of TEAC aims to teach high quality CPR and BLS skills to all LKSOM students, as well as reinforce the important aspects of CPR and BLS skills on a yearly basis.  In order to accomplish these goals, a team of students is trained to become CPR instructors. As part of the Doctoring curriculum, these students are responsible for providing CPR certification classes to first and rising third year medical students. Additionally, refresher courses are offered throughout the year for M2s, M4s, and others in the community who want to strengthen their CPR skills. Each year new CPR instructors are selected to continue this students-teaching-students model of education.

The Disaster Response team is responsible for preparing TEAC and LKSOM students to assist in the event of a local, national or international crisis. The Disaster Response team prepares students by organizing practical emergency skills training and disaster response education events. The Disaster Response team also serves as a liaison between the Temple Medical Reserve Corp and student body to coordinate disaster response programs in which students can participate.

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