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Residency Application

The Office of Student Support helps students as they apply to residency programs.

In the third year, students are assigned a personal clinical advisor from the clinical faculty based upon the student’s career interest. The student is then expected to contact this faculty member to begin discussion on residency application strategies. Later in the year, there are presentations on selection of fourth year courses and an overview of the residency application process, emphasizing more technical aspects.

In May of the third year, the Residency Seminar Series is offered by each clinical department. The seminars provide students interested in a particular discipline with more specific information about that specialty, including:

  •     Number of positions available nationally
  •     How competitive programs are
  •     What residency programs look for in candidates
  •     Examples of the actual residency application process in that specialty (writing for brochures, etc)

During the fourth year there are multiple class meetings to discuss the application process. Also, each student will receive individualized career counseling and residency application advice during the meeting required for the preparation of that student's Medical Student Performance Evaluation Letter.