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Getting Started

  • Review the SkyScan1172 MicroCT Introduction.
  • The facility has an ex vivo specimen scanner, not an in vivo. Therefore, we are not able to accommodate the scanning of live animals.
  • Since this instrument uses X-ray technology, before using the microCT system, ALL users must either complete or have up-to-date Analytical X-ray training. Please register and take the online EHRS-Refresher for Analytical X-ray Users (10222008100614) course, which can be accessed through TUportal and Blackboard. Use the "Course Catalog" function to search for "EHRS". View EHRS Training.

Email confirmation of completion to Mamta Amin at

Fill out either an Internal or External MicroCT Service Request Form. One of these must be completed for each user before using the microCT system. It contains:

  • User name and contact information.
  • FOAPAL cost center for billing purposes to be billed by Dr. Mary Barbe.
  • Indication (yes/no) confirming that you have completed the EHRS-Refresher for Analytical X-ray Users course.
  • Types of samples you are using (bone, teeth, microfilled vessels, rock, muscle, etc.).
  • Type of service/use required.
  • Submit completed forms to Mamta Amin (Room 407 MERB;
  • Please note that there is a no-show fee: $50.00. Must cancel within 24 hrs of booking.
  • Request access to the microCT Blackboard User Group site from Dr. Barbe or Mamta Amin ( or This site has training protocols, movies and PDFs of published papers geared toward your interests.
  • Train with Mamta Amin. How much training you need will depend on you prior experience. Mamta Amin makes sure that individuals are adequately trained before they are allowed to use the microCT system unsupervised. Mamta Amin will determine when full training has been completed.
  • Purchase of 1-2 terabyte drives are required for archiving because the files are quite large.
  • Once approved, you can schedule and use the microCT system independently using the Google calendar system. You must first request access to the microCT Google calendar through Dr. Barbe or Mamta Amin ( or
  • You may also request site license information from Mamta Amin ( for the following programs that are available for use on your office or lab PC computer: CTAnalyze, CTVox, CTVolume, CTRecon (SkyScan programs). Mamta Amin can aid you with memory and space requirements needed for use on your computers.

Estimated Rate Changes for 2016

Service 1 - Independent Scanning/Reconstruction            

  • Internal rate: $19.00
  • Liason: $21.50
  • External: $23.00

Service 2 - Independent Analysis    

  • Internal rate: $16.00     
  • Liason: $18.00     
  • External: $20.00

Service 3 - Assisted Scanning/Reconstruction

  • Internal rate: $27.50      
  • Liason: $31.00    
  • External: $34.00    

Service 4 - Fee for Service Scanning    

  • Internal rate: $54.50     
  • Liason: $62.00     
  • External: $73.00