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Celebrating Black History Month: Spotlight on Abdul Hayyi Abubakar, PA’25

News February 28, 2024

In honor of Black History Month, the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University showcases Abdul Hayyi Abubakar, a first-year student whose dedication to healthcare and commitment to making a difference shine through his journey as a Physician Assistant (PA). Abdul's path into the medical field is deeply rooted in his experiences and aspirations to address healthcare disparities and provide compassionate care to all individuals.

Inspiration to Pursue a Career in Medicine

Abdul Hayyi shares, "Growing up in Ghana, I witnessed firsthand the impact of limited access to quality healthcare and the consequences it had on families and communities. A combination of those experiences and my fascination with science piqued my interest in pursuing a career in the medical field, where I hope to make a meaningful difference in people's lives." Reflecting on his choice to become a PA, Abdul Hayyi adds, "I was drawn to the Physician Assistant profession because of its emphasis on collaborative care and versatility. Volunteering and working in clinics and hospitals reinforced my passion for the PA field."

Journey as a First-Year Student at Lewis Katz School of Medicine

Abdul HayyI reflects, "My exposure to diverse healthcare needs and limited resources while growing up in Ghana has instilled in me empathy and the desire to address health disparities, which is a key aspect of the PA profession." He continues, "Through these experiences, I have gained a new perspective that has fueled my passion for providing culturally sensitive care and inspired me to pursue a career as a PA serving individual and community needs."

Advice for Aspiring Healthcare Professionals from Underrepresented Backgrounds

Offering advice to fellow aspiring healthcare professionals, Abdul encourages, "Be proud of who you are and embrace your identity! Pursuing a profession in healthcare may present challenges and obstacles, but do not let them discourage you. Be resilient, persevere through challenges, and never lose sight of the significance of your goals and the difference you can make in your community and beyond."

Promoting Diversity in Healthcare

Recalling a memorable experience, Abdul HayyI shares, "As a member of the Black Society of Physician Assistant Students (BSPAS) at Lewis Katz School of Medicine, my colleagues and I recently participated in a presentation to high school students, aiming to encourage their pursuit of healthcare careers, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds." He adds, "Being part of this society highlights the importance of representation and mentorship, fostering diversity and inclusion in healthcare. I am honored to contribute to inspiring the next generation."

Abdul Hayyi Abubakar's journey as a first-year student at Katz exemplifies the impact of diversity and representation in healthcare. His commitment to addressing health disparities, providing compassionate care, and inspiring future generations underscores the importance of celebrating Black history and the contributions of individuals like Abdul in the medical field.