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Michele Battle-Fisher, MPH, MA

Instructor, Office of Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (OHEDI)

Michele Battle-Fisher
About Me

Research Interests

Ms. Battle-Fisher is a systems thinking/complexity researcher, public health researcher and bioethicist. She has researched and taught in the public health fields, ranging from public health policy, science and technology, bioethics, systems theory and its application to public health and health systems science. Her methodologies and frameworks are systems thinking and complexity theory, health policy analysis, ecological modelling and meta-bioethics (theoretical and empirical). She employs models to investigate health based on 4 building blocks.

1. Distinctions (Identity-Other) between and among things to structure social information.

2. Relationships (Action-Reaction) between things and ideas.

3. Systems (Part-Whole) creation to discern meaning.

4. Perspectives (Point- View) in order to rethink systemic distinctions. She is the author of Application of Systems Thinking to Health Policy and Public Health Ethics: Public Health and Private Illness (Springer), a 2016 Doody's Core Title.

Education, Training & Credentials

Educational Background

  • MA, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
  • MPH, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH


  • Elected Member, Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science, Vienna, Austria
  • Affiliate, Duke Network Analysis Center (DNAC)
  • Research Scholar, Ronin Institute

Honors & Awards

  • Visiting Scholar, The Hastings Center
  • Book Selection- 2016 Doody's Core Title in Health Policy
  • TEDx Dartmouth speaker (2018)

Selected Publications

Battle-Fisher, M. (2015). Application of Systems Thinking to Health Policy Public Health Ethics: Public Health and Private Illness (SpringerBriefs in Public Health Ethics Series). New York: Springer. (Single-authored; Honored as Doody’s Core Title 2016)

Battle-Fisher, M. (2016). The Elephants in the Medical Encounter- Reflecting on Systems Thinking with Blogging. Peterkin, A. & Brett-MacLean, P. (eds.). Keeping Reflection Fresh- A Practical Guide for Clinical Educators. Kent, OH: Kent State Press, 332-335.

Mosimah, C. & Battle-Fisher, M. (2015). Quality of Care. Encyclopedia of Global Bioethics. Ten Have, H. (ed.). New York: Springer, 1-11.

Haider, M., Kingori, C., Brown, M., Battle-Fisher, M. & Chertok, I. Illicit drug use and sexually transmitted infections among young adults in the US: Evidence from a nationally representative survey. International Journal of STD and AIDS. In press.

Feeling, B. & Battle-Fisher, M. (2020). Commentary on Cooley’s “LGBTQI+ bioethics: a pre-queer theory bioethicist reflects. Ethics, Medicine and Public Health. 15.

Battle-Fisher, M. (April – June 2020). Transhuman, posthuman and complex humanness in the 21st century. Ethics, Medicine and Public Health. 13.

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