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The Calm

December 28, 2021

I got it, finally

The invite to the party.

A very clean party. A very quiet party.

Not quiet because of the silence -

There’s often a good amount of conversation and there can even be music.

Quiet because of the isolation, because of the escape.

I remove my attachments to the world - my watch and my phone

They accidentally slam the table in my haste.

My agitation starts to settle, my mind starts to walk.

I’ve begun to leave the shore, where the crash is disruptive

I’ve begun to leave the city, where the call is enticing

I’ve begun to leave the track, where the run is exhausting

As I say hello to my gloves and my gown, I say goodbye to my world,

I say goodbye to the crash, to the call, and to the run.

I’m happy to say goodbye.

I look at the attendees, this is a prestigious party.

I look at my gloves, this is a dangerous party.

I look at my world, its turning without me.

But I feel the calm, and I know why I was eager to attend all along.