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ID Rotations, Clinics, and Conferences

ID Rotations and Conferences

Inpatient Rotations

The General ID consult service is the main ID teaching service at Temple. There are 2 fellows, 1 attending, 4th year medical students, medical residents and pharmacy students. Occasionally podiatry residents and PA students join the fun. The 2 fellows see new consults and follow up patients during the day. Formal rounds to review all new consults occurs every day at 2pm. Each fellow averages 3-4 new consults per day and has 10-15 follow up patients. The 2 fellows on the ID service take overnight call and split weekends where they cover both the ID and transplant ID services. Weekend call involves reviewing charts of all follow-up patients and adjusting care as needed. In addition, the fellow on call sees 3-6 new consults per weekend day.

The Transplant ID service is comprised of 1 attending and 1 fellow and a 4th year medical student. Patients on this service include solid organ transplant recipients (lung, heart, kidney, kidney/pancreas, and liver), pre transplant evaluations and patients with ventricular assist devices (VADs). The fellow sees new consults and follow-ups during the day and rounds usually start at 1:30pm. The fellow on transplant has no night or weekend call. The service averages 2-3 consults and about 10-15 follow up patients per day.

First year fellows have a dedicated rotation to introduce them to the Microbiology lab within their first 2 months of fellowship. During this time, they meet the laboratory staff and learn how various tests and cultures are performed. The Fox Chase/Jeanes rotation is an oncologic ID and BMT experience for 2nd year fellows. In the mornings (for 2 weeks), you will round with the Jeanes BMT service. In the afternoon you will see consults and follow-up patients with one of the Temple ID attendings. The TB rotation is a 2nd year rotation as well and involves seeing TB patients at the Philadelphia Department of Health with the head of the City’s TB program. You spend 2 afternoons per week for 3 weeks in the TB clinic.


HIV clinic is a continuity clinic where you will see HIV, HCV, STI and PrEP patients. You will be assigned a Monday or Thursday clinic and will have 2 ID physicians and an ID pharmacist that precept you. The number of patients on your HIV schedule is adjusted when you are on an inpatient rotation.  In ID clinic you will see outpatient consults and follow-ups. You will have rotating preceptors and will only staff the clinic when you are not on inpatient services. Travel clinic is a pre-travel counseling experience where you will assess what immunizations and counseling is required for each traveler. Returning travelers with symptoms of infection will be seen in this clinic as well. You will have rotating preceptors for travel clinic.


There are multiple conferences that we have at Temple ID. Conferences at 8 am tend to be for fellows only. On Tuesdays, a structured HIV curriculum is presented by our HIV providers, repeated yearly. The conferences are interactive and are meant for active learning. On Wednesday mornings, we have an IDSA antibiotic stewardship conference that alternates every other week with a transplant ID review. On Fridays, there is a board review course reviewing ABIM board type questions. Each fellow takes turns answering questions and important learning points are reviewed.

The 8:30 am conferences include all available faculty, fellows, residents and students on the elective. There is an eight- lecture antimicrobial series that the second-year fellows present to the students and residents on the ID rotation. These occur Monday and Thursday mornings and are repeated every 4 weeks. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, there are a variety of educational conferences including topic presentations by the students, journal club by the fellows (1 article presented by each of 2 different off-service fellows), management conferences (the fellow finds articles that address a specific clinical question and distributes them to the students/residents on the rotation. These articles are presented in the conference, led by the fellow). Throughout the year the ID, ID Pharmacy, and Microbiology attendings will present lectures on a variety of topics as well.