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Mariah Presbery, MD

Temple Internal Medicine, Class of 2021

I stayed at Temple for the people. It’s such a privilege to learn from the North Philadelphia community and by extension, become a part of their Temple family. Not only are the Temple faculty and staff extremely affable, we also get the chance to learn from some of the best physicians in the country. It’s definitely an honor to be at such an institution. 

Ryan Ber, MD

Temple Internal Medicine, Class of 2021

I grew up and went to college in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and then moved to attend Meharry Medical College, a stand-alone academic hospital beacon for the disadvantaged population living in north Nashville, Tenn. In my free time, I enjoy running along the Schuylkill (still can’t pronounce it right) River, a good swim, and have been “lightly” forced into becoming a foodie living in downtown Philadelphia. Perusing residency websites was particularly tough for me during application time and seldom contained enough information to provide insight into what the program was really about, so here are some things I was looking for in a program that the Temple IM Program has fulfilled thus far into my intern year: The faculty - heartwarming, patient and efficient, and they genuinely enjoy teaching. They give you enough room to plan for your patients with good support. The food – the hospital cafeteria has good food, great staff and is open late overnight, and there are plentiful food trucks surrounding the hospital. The residents – a good mix of social gatherings, backgrounds and hobbies; you'll fit right in. The hospital - right on the SEPTA subway line, free parking and all your rotations at one site with no need for altered travel plans unless you choose outside electives like our Fox Chase Cancer Center. Overall, I'm happy I made the choice to train here. Temple University Hospital was my first choice and if I went back to rank again, I'd choose them first in a heartbeat. Come get Temple-made!

Alexa-Jade Simeron, MD

Temple Internal Medicine, Class of 2019

As a medical student of  the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University, I spent a lot of time with Temple residents, and I was impressed by the amount of supervised autonomy they had in their training and the degree of confidence that it fostered. I knew that as an internist aspiring to work with the underserved, I wanted to be prepared with the clinical skills and comfort to work with vulnerable populations with varying degrees of illness. 

My favorite thing about Temple is by far the patient population! Being of a minority background myself, I feel that it definitely lends to building relationships with patients. Forming those bonds with patients and families make work feel less like work.

If prospective applicants and residents are interested in fellowship, Temple is definitely the place to be! There are no lack of opportunities or mentors. In the first half of my residency, I had considered three different career interests and was able to find a mentor and do research in all three. 

Finally, Temple is a great place to train due to the people — most importantly my patients, my co-residents (who are great teachers and friends), and the administration who display sincere interest in medical education.

Anika Vaidy, MD

Temple Internal Medicine, Class of 2019

Temple is a place like no other. As a medicine applicant, I was immediately drawn to the sense of pride and camaraderie that comes with a place that is truly run by the residents. Now that I am halfway through my residency I see how close this Temple family really is. Every day I get to work alongside my best friends while treating very sick patients. At Temple you are often put in challenging situations but never without a co-resident by your side to help when needed. 

It is truly a humbling experience to treat such an underserved population and see diseases one would only expect to see in a developing country. Not only are you diagnosing people on the front line who have lived their entire life without seeing a doctor, but simultaneously you are providing them with the resources of a world-renowned institution. The altruistic mission of temple permeates the culture of the residency and it is felt everywhere you go. After a year and a half of being here, I still come home most days thinking, "Wow, I can't believe I did that today," and I really can't imagine being anywhere else.

Robert Marron, MD

Temple Internal Medicine, Class of 2017

The internal medicine residents are truly the heart of the hospital here at Temple. This is a "resident-focused" hospital in the sense that the residents are given the primary responsibility for patients. Fellows have a role, but in the end the residents are expected to perform procedures, have say over plans, etc. 

The faculty at Temple are both accomplished and approachable. It is easy to become involved in research with some of the leading figures in different specialties, but at the same time nobody is unapproachable, and it is easy to find mentors. 

When any resident leaves Temple after three years of IM training they are, without a doubt, prepared for anything that comes their way in fellowship or in a career as an academic hospitalist, in private practice, or in primary care.

Kelley Rowe, MD

Temple Internal Medicine, Class of 2019

Temple is a special place. When I was choosing a residency program, three things were important me: the patients, the variety of pathology and the residents. At Temple, we have the amazing opportunity to care for underserved patients and give back to a community in need. We see incredibly diverse patients every day and treat rare diseases I thought only existed in textbooks. At the core of our program, and what makes it truly special, are the residents. When I was a student here, I was in awe of the residents who were not only able to manage difficult patients on their own, but still took the time to teach and review cases with me every day. Now, as I transition from being a student to an intern, I am once again struck by the people that choose Temple. We share a passion for working with the North Philadelphia community and a commitment to creating a rich academic environment. And most importantly, there is always someone ready to lend a hand, make you laugh after a long night, and enjoy a day off with.  

Timothy Lindsay, MD

Temple Internal Medicine, Class of 2019

After completing four years of medical school doing my best to help my residents care for the uninsured, destitute, and often-marginalized patients in New Orleans, LA, I knew that this type of patient population was the most important thing I wanted to find in a residency. I wanted the chance to take ownership of and think through the incredibly complex medical and social problems that these patients had brought in with them through the front doors of the hospital. That is exactly what I hoped for — and what I have come to find. The patients are challenging, complex, diverse — and overall some of the kindest, thankful and most patient people you could hope to take care of in a busy medical center like Temple. This program has been everything I had hoped it would be when I submitted my rank list last February. I have learned more than I could have imagined, been challenged more than I thought possible, and never once been without the support I that I have needed.

Darius Farzad, MD

Temple Internal Medicine, Class of 2018

I was drawn to this program for several reasons, and at the top of that list was the complexity and volume of patients. I am confident that serving this population has and will continue to prepare me optimally for my future career, an assessment that I have frequently heard about Temple IM residents. The other aspect of this program that has stood out is one I couldn't fully appreciate prior to starting, and that is the quality of the people here. Navigating the occasionally treacherous waters of residency is much easier when you are surrounded by co-workers who are always willing to assist, teach and support you. I could not ask for a better balance between this sense of community that exists at Temple and learning in a challenging environment from expert attendings.