In This Section


Research exploration is an integral part of the fellowship program. Fellows interested in a research career can pursue developing a program with an additional year of training. During the latter part of the first year, after discussing topics among the various faculty engaged in research, they select a research mentor and a research project. This can be a nephrology faculty member or an investigator outside of the Section. Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University has a number of research cores and centers that can provide an excellent research experience for trainees.

Within the Section, faculty are engaged in research in the following areas:

  •     Inflammatory Biomarkers in CKD (basic), Iris Lee, MD
  •     Hypertension and CVD in Chronic Kidney Disease (clinical), Crystal Gadegbeku, MD
  •     Social Determinants and Social Networks in ESRD, Avrum Gillespie, MD
  •     Sodium Transport Mechanisms (basic), Patricio Silva, MD
  •     Translational Research in Kidney Disease, Crystal Gadegbeku, MD

Research projects, approved by the fellowship research committee, will be presented at the initiation of the study (typically in early Fall) and at the end of the training program. Progress is monitored regularly by mentors and the faculty. Trainees who pursue investigative careers are expected to present research on a regular basis and apply for intramural and/or extramural funding, when appropriate. Additionally, fellows may elect to pursue graduate courses relevant to their research.

Fellows who elect to pursue careers as clinical nephrologists are also expected to carry out research projects under the supervision of faculty mentors. However, they will participate in additional outpatient practices and inpatient procedural activities (e.g. renal biopsies, access placement, etc.) to help solidify their clinical nephrology education. All trainees are expected to prepare an abstract for presentation at the American Society of Nephrology or National Kidney Foundation annual meetings during their fellowship. Also fellows are expected to publish at least one manuscript during their training related to research or clinical care.