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Temple’s Center for Translational Medicine (CTM) is a research organization committed to enhance the movement of basic scientific discoveries to improving the care and treatment of patients. It is comprised of basic and clinical scientists committed to discovery of novel targets to combat disease and working with other School entities to enhance their utilization and testing in humans. CTM investigators operate as a multi-disciplinary and collaborative team to combat disease from basic, translational and clinical perspectives.

Major targets of investigation in CTM currently include:

  • Molecular pathogenesis of congestive heart failure
  • Novel molecular therapies and biomarkers for human heart failure
  • Novel ways to protect the heart after an ischemic injury (heart attack)
  • Cardio-toxicity caused by cancer chemotherapies
  • Discovery of novel “biased” drugs to be used broadly in cardiovascular disease
  • Cellular-based cardiac regeneration
  • Novel molecular pathways involved in metabolic disorders and cardiovascular risk
  • Disease pathogenesis caused by alterations in mitochondrial function and regulation
  • Mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease including Alzheimers
  • Novel therapeutic approaches for Alzheimers disease

CTM investigators utilize vertical integration in their research directives utilizing various in vitro and cellular models through small and large animal models and culminating in patient-based clinical research.


Walter J. Koch, PhD