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Acute infectious disease presentations among many at-risk patient groups (eg, uninsured, homeless, and recent immigrants) are frequently seen in emergency departments. Therefore EDs may be useful sentinel sites for infectious disease surveillance.

EMERGEncy ID NET is an interdisciplinary, multicenter, ED-based network for research of emerging infectious diseases. EMERGEncy ID NET was established in cooperation with the National Center for Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as part of the CDC’s strategy to expand and complement existing disease detection and control activities. The network is based at 11 university-affiliated, urban hospital EDs with a combined annual patient visit census of more than 900,000. Data are collected during ED evaluation of patients with specific clinical syndromes, and are electronically stored, transferred, and analyzed at a central receiving site.

Residents and students are invited to participate in on-going studies and to initiate related investigational studies under the guidance of Dr. Manish Garg, Associate Residency Director.