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Temple Health Block-by-Block

Temple Health: Block-by-Block (THB3) is a multi-disciplinary research partnership at Temple University School of Medicine. The THB3 partnership aims to better understand and address the health concerns and needs of communities in North Philadelphia by:

  • Gathering general and specific health information
  • Promoting research studies performed at TUHS to North Philadelphia residents
  • Engaging local residents to have a voice in community research

The purpose of this research project is to create a partnership between Temple researchers and the surrounding communities. To do this, the Temple Health: Block-by-Block (THB3) team interviews people living in North Philadelphia about their health.

This research is being done so that we can better understand the health problems, concerns and needs of people living in these communities.

People participating in this project will complete a series of questionnaires about themselves, their health, and their communities.

Investigators interested in accessing community data from THB3 subjects in other research studies should contact Dr. Susan Fisher or the THB3 team: 215-707-8423.