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User Guidelines

All users must complete EHRS - Refresher for Analytical X-ray Users Course prior to use of the MicroCT system.

Contact Dr. Barbe or Ms. Amin at or to gain access to the Google calendar used to reserve time on the microCT system or its individual computers.

  •     Bookings can be made 1 week in advance
  •     In consideration of others, do not book more time than you need
  •     If you must cancel please inform Ms. Amin 24 hours ahead of time.

The Google calendar is used to track use of the system.

If you run into problems:

  •     Check the troubleshooting book for the solution.
  •     Ask Ms. Amin or Dr. Barbe, MERB 407 and 447.
  •     Ask members of Drs. Barbe's and Popoff's laboratory.
  •     Report ALL serious problems to Ms. Amin ASAP.
  •     Check training videos and guides located on the computers or on the MicroCT blackboard user group site.
  •     If you do not have access yet to the Blackboard User Group site or Google calendar, you may request access to the microCT blackboard user group site from Dr. Barbe or Ms. Amin ( or This site has training protocols, movies and pdf’s of published papers geared toward your interests.

Please transfer all files within 5 days. You will need 1-2 terabyte drives. The computers have limited hard drive space and the files are very large. Be sure to scan your drives for viruses using a Temple computer before using it in the microCT computers.

If you need more time, please check the Google calendar or contact Ms. Amin to determine if there is anyone booked after you.

Before shutting down the microCT scanner or computers, please check to find out if anyone is using other computers to reconstruct or analyze in batch mode. If someone is using the scanner within one hour please do not shutdown the scanner. Please do not interrupt scans, reconstructions or analyses — these may take days to complete.