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Pilot Project Core

Martin Adler, Core Director

The Specific Aims of the Pilot Research Project Support Core are:

  • To aid investigators, especially new investigators, in testing ideas and collecting sufficient data to support new grant applications
  • To provide mentoring of early career investigators in achieving the aims of the research
  • To help investigators of pilot projects to work with and utilize personnel, facilities, and equipment of the Research Support Cores of this NIDA P30 Center of Excellence.
  • To foster collaborative studies between investigators of the CSAR and investigators from other units at Temple University and at other institutions.
  • To support investigators attempting to bridge fields that could aid in understanding and treating drug abuse, addiction, and other health consequences related to drugs of abuse.
  • Invite investigators from outside Temple University to utilize the expertise and facilities of the NIDA P30 Center of Excellence.
  • To work closely with the Research Support Cores to solicit ideas for enhancing and expanding research supported by grant funds. This effort will aid in bringing investigators from other disciplines and other institutions to the NIDA P30 Center to collaborate with the investigators of the Center on projects involving drug abuse and addiction.