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Cell and Immunology Core

Toby K. Eisenstein, Core Director
Servio Ramirez, Co-Investigator

The Cell and Immunology Core provides the following services:

Tests of immune status including:

  • Enzyme ImmunoAssays (EIAs=ELISAs) for measurement of levels of cytokines/chemokines/ hormones in serum, brain dialysis fluid, cell or tissue homogenates or sonicates, or cell culture supernatants, using multiplex assays that can measure multiple analytes at one time using one of two platforms, the Cytometric Bead Array Luminex® assay or the MSD® multiplex system. ELISA (EIA) assays are also available for measuring individual analytes.
  • Preparation of spleens of rats and mice for determination of immune cell subsets by flow cytometry.

Functional immune assays including responses of T- and B-cells to mitogens, Natural Killer cell activity, the Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR), and capacity to form an in vitro antibody response (Plaque-forming cell assay)

  • Pathologic analysis, multicolor immunohistochemistry, and tissue imaging.
  • Mycoplasma testing of cell lines used by various investigators.