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Psychosomatic Medicine Track


To provide residents who have a strong interest in psychosomatic medicine with an opportunity to go above and beyond the normal expected levels of knowledge and experience in psychosomatic medicine.

  • To encourage resident interest in psychosomatic medicine.
  • To provide additional resources towards academic productivity and advancement for residents with interest in psychosomatic medicine.
  • To further expand experience in systems based practice for residents interested in psychosomatic medicine.

Track entry and acceptance:

Residents can apply at any time before the PGY 3 year but are encouraged to apply at the end of their PGY 1 year.  Acceptance is determined by residency director in conjunction with track director and the Clinical Competency Committee.  


PGY 2 year

During the PGY 2 year, residents will do an extra month of psychosomatic medicine.  During this month, the resident will perform outpatient evaluations for patients transitioning from an inpatient medical hospital to an outpatient setting and will complete sleep, pre-transplant solid organ, and pre-bariatric surgery outpatient evaluations.

A full day per week during this month will be reserved to develop a poster for the national Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine meeting and/or an article to be submitted for publication.  PGY 2 residents are highly encouraged to join the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine.

PGY 3 year

During the PGY 3 year, residents will spend one half day per week from September through June in the Psychosomatic Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic at Temple University Hospital.  Typically, this will be Monday mornings from 8a-12p.  Patient care will be supervised by the track director.  Additional readings will be assigned by the track director.  Hours of patient care at this clinic count towards PGY 3 patient-care hours requirement.  

PGY 3 residents will attend the monthly Philadelphia multi-institutional psychosomatic seminar (located at University of Pennsylvania).

PGY 3 residents are highly encouraged to use their $1500 meeting stipend to attend and to present at the fall Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine meeting.  

PGY 4 year

Residents will complete at least 2 months of Administrative Psychosomatic Medicine.  During this rotation the resident will be responsible for overseeing and teaching junior residents and medical students on the Consult-Liaison service at Temple University Hospital.  Supervision will be provided by the director of the Psychosomatic Consult Liaison Service.

Residents will assist in organizing and teaching the PGY 1 Introduction to Psychosomatic Medicine course. 

Residents are expected to dedicate a significant portion of elective time to psychosomatic medicine pursuits.  

If a psychosomatic poster or paper has not been submitted for presentation or publication during the PGY 3 year of training, it will be submitted prior to graduation.