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Temple Lung Center Collaborates with HGE Health Care Solutions to Launch Center for Digital Health

POSTED ON August 03, 2015

Gerard J. Criner, MD, FACP, FACCPDigital health leader HGE Health Care Solutions, LLC announced today that it has launched a collaboration with the recently expanded Temple Lung Center at Temple University Health System. The collaboration is intended to jumpstart the Temple Lung Center's newly established Center for Digital Health.

The recent expansion of the Temple Lung Center integrates medical and surgical care as well as academic research under the umbrella of the new Department of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery. The expansion includes a new Center for Digital Health for the development, clinical validation, academic testing, and clinical study of digital health technologies that improve the diagnoses, treatment, and management of respiratory and lung disease or otherwise improve the well-being of patients with pulmonary disease.

HGE's digital application for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) symptom reporting will be one of the first technologies to receive the full benefits of the Center for Digital Health. The COPD application is the product of over a decade of clinical investigation and is currently used by hundreds of patients with an impressive and sustained track record of over 90% daily compliance. The Digital Health Center will be charged with validating clinical outcomes associated with the application and expanding the technology to address the significant co-morbidities that are common among the COPD patient population.

"The Center for Digital Health offers a unique opportunity to advance our understanding and implementation of successful digital health strategies to improve the well-being of patients with pulmonary disease," said Gerard J. Criner, MD, FACP, FACCP, Founding Chair of the new Department of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery. "We have a history of developing and refining telemedicine and mobile health initiatives over the past decade and are thrilled to be expanding our footprint in the digital health space," he added.

"HGE is excited to collaborate with Temple's Center for Digital Health and to bring our experience in chronic disease management and digital health to build upon Temple's leadership in pulmonary disease, telemedicine, mobile health, and thoracic medicine. Temple has all the necessary resources to significantly contribute to and advance the field of thoracic digital health," said HGE's CEO Michael J. Markus, PhD.

Editor's Note: HGE Health Care Solutions is a Temple University spin-off company and the exclusive licensee to certain Temple University intellectual property.

Dr. Gerard Criner is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of HGE Health Care Solutions.

Both Temple University and Dr. Criner are minority owners in the company.