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Homaira Azim, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Education and Data Science

Homaira Azim
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Research Interests

Dr. Azim has a medical degree, a PhD in anatomy and cell biology, and a doctoral minor in education. She is trained in various quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods methodological approaches in educational research, with a focus on medical and health sciences education. Her research interests involve designing and implementing innovative teaching and learning strategies as well as developing comprehensive explanations for the current pedagogical problems in medical and health sciences education. Dr. Azim is also particularly interested in interdisciplinary medical humanities research with a focus on the subject of medical students’ professional identity formation (PIF) and medical professionalism.


Dr. Azim incorporates principles of adult learning theories in her professional and graduate anatomy courses. Learning can be influenced by many factors such as learner’s emotional state, cultural background, beliefs, interests, and future goals. Dr. Azim uses different teaching strategies to meet with different learning styles and preferences. She is dedicated to finding ways to relate the learning objectives to students’ past experiences/future goals in order to make the subject more relevant to and effective for different groups of learners. In her classes, one of her chief concerns is to build a classroom community and establish a common classroom culture among learners. She strives to make learners feel respected, valued, and connected to one another so that they can use each other as valuable resources. Dr. Azim believes that good educators must be dedicated to push the boundaries of effective teaching a bit further every single day in order to unveil the incredible capacities of education in changing human lives, and she makes every effort to live by this principle.

Education, Training & Credentials

Educational Background

  • PhD, Anatomy and Cell Biology with a minor in Education, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN
  • MD, Kabul University of Medical Sciences (KUMS), Afghanistan


  • American Association for Anatomy (AAA)
  • American Association of Clinical Anatomists (AACA)

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