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Mission, Vision, Program Goals

Temple PA Program Mission Mission

Temple University Physician Assistant Program will develop physician assistants who are recognized as leaders, educators and innovators in the delivery of high-quality healthcare that is accessible, affordable, compassionate and respectful of cultural diversity in the delivery of healthcare to all patients, especially those within our communities.


Temple University Physician Assistant Program will become a recognized leader in physician assistant education and training and a respected innovator in the research and delivery of interprofessional, culturally appropriate and patient-centered healthcare.

Program Goals

  • Admit highly qualified students representing diverse backgrounds.
    • Average undergraduate science GPA in first two cohorts is 3.25 and undergraduate cumulative GPA 3.50
    • On average 60% of students are from Pennsylvania and 40% from other states as far as Florida to California
    • 15% of students from the second cohort are underrepresented in medicine.
  • Prepare compassionate and highly trained physician assistants to become leaders in healthcare.
    • 100% of students participate in Leadership Training Workshop
    • Temple PA student elected as Mid-Atlantic Regional Director of SAAPA
    • Temple PA Student selected as Student Leader Fellow by LGBT PA Caucus
    • All students spend 45 weeks on clinical rotations
  • Train physician assistants to develop and use an evidence-based approach to deliver the highest quality patient-centered healthcare.
    • 100% of students received an A or B in Introduction to Scientific Inquiry
    • 100% of students utilize the patient instructors in the Simulation Center to learn patient-centered healthcare.
  • Develop the skills needed as effective life-long learners.
    • 100% of students attend a training session by medical librarians
    • 100% of students complete a capstone project with poster presentation
  • Cultivate collaborative patient care through integrated interprofessional training experiences.
    • 100% of our students participate in lecture, small group sessions, and simulation experiences with instructional faculty who are nurses, athletic trainers, pharmacists, and medical interpreters.
    • 100% of our students rotate at Temple University Health Systems on health care teams that include residents, fellows, podiatrists, PT, OT, and pharmacy students and faculty.
  • Foster high individual and professional ethical standards.
    • No student has been dismissed for professionalism concerns.
    • 100% of students are enrolled in 3-credit bioethics course.
  • Promote cultural awareness in the provision of care to a diverse society.
    • Office of Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion utilize their experience to promote cultural awareness in lecture and group activities with our students.
    • All students are required to participate in a lecture series Critical Consciousness and the Social Construction of Identity: Implications for Healthcare Providers.
    • Patient instructors in Simulation Center are culturally diverse to foster cultural awareness.
    • MLK day of service has 100% participation of students in the community.

The Physician Assistant Program is also dedicated to fulfilling the mission, vision and goals of Temple University and the School of Medicine.

For more information about the Physician Assistant Program's accreditation status, please view the Accreditation Statement.