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Educational Programs

A crucial part of the mission of the Temple Center for Inflammation, Translational and Clinical Lung Research (CILR) is to educate the future basic, preclinical and clinical researchers in the pathogenesis of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases, particularly as they pertain to the lung. Students interested in training in this field may choose their path through several CILR educational programs. These programs include MD, MD/PhD, PhD and MS programs, postdoctoral fellowships, and pulmonary and critical care medicine fellowship programs which are offered as a part of the Temple Lung Center. Internships and volunteering rotations are also available for undergraduate students and are invaluable opportunities for young people to test their preference for this branch of science and medicine.

Graduate Program

CILR members are affiliated with, and participate in the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program. This program offers the training and fundamental skills necessary to become independent researchers and teachers, with opportunities to obtain the theoretical and hands-on expertise in autoimmune diseases.

Postdoctoral Research

Several of the members of CILR are funded with research grants that support postdoctoral fellows without citizenship requirements. Postdoctoral candidates are encouraged to browse the research interests and biographies of the faculty associated with the CILR and directly contact potential mentors.

Medical Education and Fellowship Programs

The Department of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery is committed to education and provides an active program of clinical conferences, journal clubs, and a patient management conference to medical students, residents and fellows.

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