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Certificate and Non-Matriculated Students

The Certificate in Urban Bioethics is for individuals who would like exposure to the Urban Bioethics program but are not ready to make a full commitment to the Master’s degree. Applicants must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree and are recommended to have some work experience in a related field. The certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the 14 credit Core Curriculum (all didactic courses minus the thesis). Students who earn the certificate have one year after the awarding of the certificate to apply for the MA program and if accepted the certificate credits can be applied to the MA. The certificate program will be a viable option for those who are seeking additional bioethics training but are unable to make the full commitment to the MA or those who wish to explore this area before applying to the MA program. For more information, please contact Professor Providenza Rocco by email or by phone at 215.707.9963.