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Research Track 

Track Objectives:

To provide residents with an interest in research with an opportunity to develop in this professional area over the course of the residency.  

Application and acceptance:

Residents must apply during their PGY 1 year. Acceptance is determined by residency director in conjunction with track director and the Clinical Competency Committee.



Within the first 6 months of enrollment in the psychiatry residency program at Temple University Hospital, interested residents will meet with Vice Chair of Research to discuss research interests, participation in the track, and designation of a faculty mentor.

Following this meeting and choosing a mentor, each resident meets monthly with their mentor to develop the ability to perform a thorough literature search, identify hypothesis/research study questions and begin planning a research project. Residents will be expected to provide an outline of their research education and goals and will meet with the Residency Training Directors to coordinate this with their clinical training.

Additional didactics will be determined in conjunction with the Research Track Director.


Track participants will meet monthly with their established mentor.

One month of protected time will be set aside for a research elective. Ideally this month will focus on development of more thorough proposal – at times this may be an IRB proposal.  

An additional half day per week of protected time (Wed 1-5p) will be provided for ongoing engagement in research and related activities.


Track participants will continue monthly meetings with their established mentor.

One half day per week will continue to be protected time for research activities. This time cannot be scheduled for Wednesday afternoons given expected attendance at the standard didactic program. Clinical care requirements are reduced from 19 to 16 hours per week to accommodate protected research time.


Each resident may designate up to 6 months of elective time to their research project. Goals, objectives, and relevant research projects – such as Grand Rounds presentations, posters, presentations and attendance at national meetings, or articles for submission – should be determined prior to the establishment of the elective schedule and approved by both the faculty mentor and the Vice Chair for Research.  

Track participants will continue to schedule meetings with mentors at a minimum of once monthly in order to review progress. This period often requires increased frequency of meetings given the demands of an ongoing research agenda. 


Residents on the research track will attend additional didactics on the campus of the main hospital or university. Specific didactic requirements will depend on each resident’s individual research interests and goals. Required didactics will be determined on an individual level by the Research Track Director/Vice Chair for Research.