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Call Structure and Moonlighting


  • 2 months total of night/day float throughout the year
  • Each night float block consists of approximately two weeks daytime CRC/floor 8am-8pm Monday-Friday followed by approximately two weeks nighttime CRC/floor shifts 8pm-8am Monday-Friday.
  • One 24hr weekend call every 6 weeks. This will be Saturday 8am-8am or Sunday 8am-8am. If on Sunday, post-call day will be granted on a Monday. Residents will not take weekend call during night/day float.


  • PGY2 Residents will have 2-3 CRC call shifts per month.
  • CRC call coverage for Monday through Friday 5pm-8am and Saturday 8am-Sunday 8am and Sunday 8am-Monday 8am


  • PGY3 Residents will have 1-2 CRC call shifts per month with an emphasis on supervision/mentorship of PGY1’s and PGY2’s overnight
  • Call coverage is Sunday through Thursday nights (4pm to 8am Sunday into Monday, and 5pm to 8am every other night)
  • Unfilled internal moonlighting shifts will be staffed by PGY3 residents and be financially compensated at the standard competitive rate.


  • Consult call once every 3 months at TUH for consecutive Saturday and Sunday and post call Monday


PGY3’s and PGY4’s are eligible for moonlighting! There are 5 weekend shifts available each week and are compensated at a competitive rate. If all internal moonlighting positions are filled, external moonlighting opportunities can be pursued by PGY4's.