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2019 Expansion

In the summer of 2019 we were happy to welcome 18 Hahnemann/Drexel University residents to our program. Hahnemann University Hospital closed unexpectedly and left over 500 residents from all specialties “orphaned.” Why did we take in 18 new residents? To quote the Dean of LKSOM, “It is simply the right thing to do—for our community, and for the future healthcare providers of our region.” The expansion has brought additional benefits for our program. Previously we had wonderful teaching attending physicians who we could not assign residents and now we can. PGY 2 residents now have a month long elective, which is important especially for those who are considering subspecialty fellowship applications. The PGY1 class saw a decrease from 6 to 4 weeks of night float, PGY2 residents take an average of 2.5 calls per month, and PGY3 residents now have no overnight call (PGY4s continue to have no call). Finally, our new residents are wonderful physicians and people! They fit in well with our current residents and culture. Will this expansion be sustained? Yes it will! We are happy to report that we will continue recruiting for 12 residents per year.