In This Section

Outpatient Activities

In the first year, fellows are assigned to a faculty member for general outpatient nephrology for one half-day per week, where they are responsible for managing one to three patients per session.

During the second year, fellows have multiple additional outpatient opportunities including:

  • Six months of outpatient dialysis in 1 of the 5 free-standing units
  • Six months of outpatient transplantation paired with our transplant nephrologist, surgeon and coordinator staff
  • Twelve months in an outpatient nephrology practice
  • Electives in nephrolithiasis, glomerular diseases, and complex hypertension are optional

Each practice meets once a week. Typically, trainees pursing clinical careers will have multiple clinics each week, whereas those pursuing investigative careers will have one clinic each week in the second year.

Outpatient Hemodialysis Units and Peritoneal Dialysis

The faculty of the Section of Nephrology provides primary medical and renal care for all outpatients with ESRD in our outpatient dialysis units:

  • Germantown Fresenius Medical Center
  • Ontario Fresenius Medical Center
  • Dialysis Clinics Incorporated
  • Port Richmond Fresenius Medical

Currently, we care for over 300 patients with ESRD in our outpatient dialysis units which are within 3 miles of the Health Sciences Center. These patients are admitted to our inpatient service for excellent continuity of care by our nephrology faculty and significant educational benefit to the trainees.

Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) patients are seen in either our Fresenius or DCI units. Senior fellows are assigned patients one half-day a week in the dialysis units, where they are supervised by a faculty member. In addition, there are two nurse practioners who round in the outpatient units on a regular basis.