In This Section

Didactic Teaching/Education

The Nephrology faculty are committed to teaching. Each year members of the faculty are recognized for their dedication to medical education with teaching awards from the house staff in the Department of Medicine.

Our renal conference schedule is extensive, with at least four formal well-attended Section of Nephrology teaching conferences per week (described below). In addition to these conferences, there is an outpatient nephrology conference and a board review conference designed for senior fellows, and a 2-year core curriculum in renal physiology and pathophysiology for all fellows and attendings. Visiting professors are scheduled approximately once a month in the academic year and generally meet with fellows and faculty during their visit. Fellows are encouraged to attend the variety of conferences offered by the Department of Medicine and at the University, which are well-attended by our faculty.

All fellows participate in housestaff and student teaching activities, including inpatient and outpatient sessions, lecturing in the house staff core lecture series, and leading the various Section conference discussions.

Summer Introductory Lecture Series

A collaborative educational seminar with faculty and fellows from many of the nephrology training programs in Philadelphia covering basic nephrology to serve as an initial base to start their training.

Journal Clubs (weekly)

Fellows and faculty participate in preparing a discussion focused on a recent journal article, providing background information, reviewing methods and results, and facilitating discussion about the impact of the journal article on current concepts or treatment management.

Renopathology Conference (weekly)

This conference is located in the hospital pathology area with a teaching microscope and a digital flat screen for collective review of light microscopy, immunofluourescence and electron micrographs. This conference is run by our renal pathologist, Dr. Xu Zeng, and is designed to give trainees comprehensive exposure to renal histology. Cases are presented, followed by review of the pathologic findings, and discussion of management. Native and transplant biopsies are discussed in this conference.

Vascular Conference (monthly)

This is a multi-disciplinary conference with faculty and trainees in Interventional Radiology, Vascular Surgery, and Transplant Surgery and Nephrology. The fellow is responsible for reviewing clinical cases with recent vascular access complications requiring intervention for the purpose of reviewing vascular pathology, discussing surgical and non-surgical management and developing multi-disciplinary care plans.

Renal Grand Rounds (weekly)

Fellows, based on their clinical experience, choose to present a clinical vignette and prepare a review of the literature on the specific topic.

Nephrology Research Conference (monthly)

Faculty and fellows present their research or research collaborations during this conference. In addition, industry-sponsored studies that are initiated within the group are discussed at this conference.