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Alumni Testimonials 

Endo Alumni Testimonials

What is your fondest memory of fellowship at Temple Endocrinology?

"The graduation picnic is one of my fondest memories. It was fun to meet everyone outside the department and Dr. Williams is a wonderful host." - Swapnil Khare, Class of 2016

"My fondest memories of fellowship are all related to the camaraderie and support I felt from my cofellows. I could always count on them to bounce ideas off of when faced with challenging cases and also just for a laugh if I was every having a tough day. They are still some of my closest friends and we keep in touch on an almost daily basis!" - Tanya Reznick, Class of 2019

"I will always fondly remember my co-fellows. One of the highlights of my fellowship was the camaraderie I was able to enjoy with the other  fellows. We were able to discuss interesting cases together, laugh about crazy stories and help each other get through tough times." - Eli Miller, Class of 2020

"I think spending time with my cofellows and being able to have our own space in the fellows’ office to chat and catch up with each other is always great. I’ve always had cofellows that are laidback and easy to get along with which makes for a nice learning environment and makes it enjoyable to spend time with each other outside of work as well." - Christine Mathai, Class of 2020

"The camaraderie between the fellows is probably one of my fondest memories of fellowship. I remember feeling like I was entering a close knit family when I initially started fellowship. Looking back, I made great friends who I still keep in touch with." - Lavanya Viswanathan, Class of 2017

"I always enjoyed the time I spent working/studying/hanging out with my co-fellows in our office." - Katherine Joyce, Class of 2018

"The time spent as a fellow at Temple was a wonderful experience and it is difficult to pick a fondest memory. I always enjoyed my time with co-fellows and attendings during lunch time! The journal clubs and grand rounds were very educative." - Sumangala Vasudevan, Class of 2016

"Hanging out with my co-fellows in clinic!" - Shuchie Jaggi, Class of 2017

What do you think the biggest strengths of the fellowship program are?

"I would say that the biggest strength is having faculty with diverse backgrounds and experience from clinical to research. I have earned lifelong mentors at Temple who are just a call and email away." - Swapnil Khare, Class of 2016

"I think one of the biggest strengths of the fellowship program are the wide range of patient populations that we have the privilege of taking care of since we rotate at different sites. The complex nature of the cases we see at TUH itself is an incredibly valuable experience." - Tanya Reznick, Class of 2019

"The faculty are by far the greatest strength of the program. Every faculty member in the department is eager to teach. I never felt like I was asking a "stupid" question because the faculty were always eager to help me learn and grow. The faculty are great mentors and genuinely care about helping every fellow reach his/her highest potential." - Eli Miller, Class of 2020

"I think the program is well balanced between first and second year as well as balanced between inpatient and outpatient responsibilities so you get a lot of exposure as a fellow but you are not so overwhelmed that you don’t have time for reading or scholarly activity. This program has some flexibility and gives you exposure to all aspects of general endocrinology as well as reproductive endocrine, gestational diabetes, pediatric endocrine, endocrine surgery, and nuclear medicine." - Christine Mathai, Class of 2020

"The program's biggest strength I feel is the diversity in clinical practice settings that we got to experience be it in a large tertiary care center like Temple Hospital or in a small community hospital like Jeanes Hospital. The ample experience with hands on thyroid ultrasound time as well as biopsies is definitely a plus that is not typically available with all programs." - Lavanya Viswanathan, Class of 2017

"I think the two biggest strengths of the fellowship are the people (the faculty and co-fellows) and the broad training in endocrinology that the program provides." - Katherine Joyce, Class of 2018

"The biggest strengths of Endocrinology fellowship program I felt was the complexity of cases that were exposed to. We saw a variety of pathology and the clinical case discussions on rare cases were particularly very helpful." - Sumangala Vasudevan, Class of 2016

"Clinical training was on point! Everything you need to be ready for the real world was provided here." - Shuchie Jaggi, Class of 2017

What made you choose Temple for your fellowship? Are there any unique or special features of Temple’s fellowship program?

"Temple is a large clinical program and serves a diverse patient population and training is next to none. This is especially supported by a program that is very invested in fellows learning and has developed an excellent curriculum and constant works on feedback." - Swapnil Khare, Class of 2016 

"I was an internal medicine resident at Temple so it was an easy choice to want to stay at Temple for fellowship. The faculty were always approachable and eager to teach, and the patient population was diverse and sometimes very complex." - Tanya Reznick, Class of 2019

"Something that makes the Temple program special is that there are no "specialized" faculty members. Everyone sees everything, and every clinic is a hybrid of all endocrine pathology. As a result, the fellows not only get exposed to a wide range of pathology, but we get to see multiple different styles of working up/treating the same condition which we are ultimately able to coalesce into our own practice style." - Eli Miller, Class of 2020

"I really liked that this program focused on clinical endocrinology and that all the faculty are general endocrinologists so that everyone you work with is able to teach you about all endocrine topics. The population at Temple is underserved and provides a unique challenge to endocrinology providers to make sure they have the proper understanding of their disease process and the adequate resources to manage their condition. The patients in general are grateful for your help and you see a lot of endocrine pathology in this population." - Christine Mathai, Class of 2020

"The Temple endocrinology fellowship offers a great combination of both clinical and clinical research opportunities without overwhelming the fellow or compromising on didactics and that was something that impressed me a lot about the program." - Lavanya Viswanathan, Class of 2017

"I choose Temple fellowship program for the strong clinical training offered. Temple fellowship program prepares you for a great clinical career. We also rotated at Fox Chase Cancer Center where we had wonderful faculty who honed our thyroid cancer treatment skills." - Sumangala Vasudevan, Class of 2016

"The brilliant Kevin Williams was the reason I came to Temple. Temples fellowship provided exposure to all facets of Endocrine training with enough time for self learning and expansion of clinical skills including procedures." - Shuchie Jaggi, Class of 2017


How well did your Endocrinology fellowship at Temple prepare you for your first job after training?

"I felt confident and well prepared for the challenges of a job after training at Temple Endocrinology. Most important I felt I could always rely on my Temple mentors and faculty for any questions until I got my feet steady."  - Swapnil Khare, Class of 2016

"I felt as prepared as I ever was going to starting my first job. I knew I had the foundations to be an independent physician and more importantly I felt like I knew what resources to use when I didn't know the answers. One other amazing thing is the network of people that stay with you after you leave. I have been in contact with former attendings and my former cofellows when I've encountered tough cases and have needed some advice." - Tanya Reznick, Class of 2019

"I will be starting my first job in a couple weeks and feel prepared to manage most endocrine conditions. I think my fellowship also prepared me to know which resources to use to find more information in cases that are not very easy to manage and also has given me a lot of faculty mentors at Temple to discuss difficult cases with once I start practicing on my own." - Christine Mathai, Class of 2020

"The endocrinology fellowship at Temple is strong for preparing the fellow for future clinical practice and it instills confidence in your decisions in your own practice when you start. It also prepares you to be a good clinician educator to help continue educating and training future fellows." - Lavanya Viswanathan, Class of 2017

"I felt well prepared after fellowship and when I have questions, I like that I can still reach out to my mentors for advice." - Katherine Joyce, Class of 2018

"The fellowship program gave an excellent training and made me well prepared for my first job. I felt totally comfortable in General Endocrinology private practice." - Sumangala Vasudevan, Class of 2016

"I felt well prepared for my first job and for the boards." - Shuchie Jaggi, Class of 2017