In This Section


  • Buttaro – Enterococcal pheromone inducible conjugative plasmids; antibiotic resistance, inflammation and evolution
  • Caricchio – Pathogenesis and Translational Studies in Autoimmunity
  • Chan – Resolution of Inflammation in chronic disorders
  • Eisenstein – Effects of drugs of abuse on immune function
  • Gallucci – Regulation of Innate and Adaptive immune response in Autoimmunity
  • Jensen – Innate and Adaptive Immunity at Epithelial Barriers
  • Monestier
  • Skorski
  • Tam – Resolution of Inflammation during Microbial Infections
  • Tempera – Epigenetic regulation of herpesvirus gene expression
  • Tsygankov – Function of the TULA family of signaling regulators
  • Tukel – Bacterial amyloids: role in bacterial biofilm architecture, immune recognition and their role in complex human diseases
  • Wang
  • Xiao – Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) vector biology and its development and application for human gene therapy
  • Zhang – Epigenetic effects on regulating T cell immune responses and its development for tumor immunotherapy and allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation