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Service Learning Trips - Panama 2016

In March of 2016, TEAC partnered with Floating Doctors, an organization dedicated to providing acute and preventative health care services to the indigenous Nhobe population in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. We were fortunate enough to take a mix of 18 Temple Health medical students, residents, and attending physicians on this trip.

For the majority of the week, we set up a mobile healthcare clinic where we assessed and managed care for close to 300 patients, some whom had traveled great distances to see us. A wide variety of medical conditions were seen, from young children with dehydration and parasitic infections, to pregnant women seeking prenatal care, to older adults with chronic illnesses. In addition, we donated oral hygiene supplies while counseling them on health and hygiene.

On the last day of travel, TEAC visited an elderly care center, Asilo, where we took vital signs and evaluated the patients for chronic and acute medical conditions. This holistic clinical experience shed light on the importance of simple human interaction, as many of the Asilo residents have few family or friends visiting them.

This trip provided each team member with invaluable clinical experience, and most importantly, gave each individual a greater understanding of one’s potential impact on a global scale.

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