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Service Learning Trips - New Orleans 2007

The second New Orleans mission is where TEAC was formed, and it served as a launching pad for the organization. During the second mission, the group aided in the city’s recovery efforts. TEAC collaborated with the 9th Ward Health Clinic and helped inform patients about the clinic by going door to door throughout some of the most devastated areas in the city. Patients received information about food distribution, medication assistance, and in some cases completely free care. The goal of that part of mission was to further get the word out about the services offered and to also identify people who may be in need and either did not know about the clinic or were potentially house bound and in even greater need of care. As the group made their way house to house and block to block, the neighbors began to take part in our campaign. On several occasions we were directed to people in need by other members of the community. Each day that passed, the continued appreciation and the sentiment of gratitude from the people made this trip inspiring. One person was quoted as saying, “I am glad that after a year people still care. We need people with big hearts to help us get our life back.”

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