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Disaster Response

Beginning in the fall of 2013, members of TEAC formed a subcommittee to determine how TEAC members and healthcare workers at Temple University Hospital could provide medical aid in response to disasters in the local community. Two major projects are currently being developed to accomplish this goal.

First, TEAC is actively developing disaster preparedness educational programs to be taught by TEAC members at local community centers. The aim of this project is to educate Philadelphia residents about the basic tenets of survival during a natural or manmade disaster. In addition, these workshops will furnish attendees with a basic disaster preparedness kit, containing things like emergency blankets, lists of contact information for local resources, and other necessities. The hope is that residents will utilize these kits when building a more comprehensive kit to keep in their homes.

The second project has been fostering a relationship with other local disaster response organizations. TEAC has partnered with the Philadelphia Medical Reserve Corps, a branch of the Philadelphia Department of Health to better integrate our response. The MRC trains healthcare providers to serve as medical and non-medical volunteers in the wake of a variety of disasters ranging from severe winter weather to bioterrorism. TEAC students have attended MRC sponsored trainings and have hosted MRC coordinators visit TUSM to speak with TEAC members about the work the MRC does in the city. This connection has allowed TEAC students to receive additional training as well as help staff large scale events in the city, such as concerts and races.

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