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Annual Symposium

The first TEAC annual symposium was held in December of 2008 and addressed current topics in disaster relief. Each year since, TEAC has hosted a symposium designed to initiate conversations on how communities can better handle acute and chronic disasters. These presentations promote insightful discussions on the impact medical students and organizations and evaluate the effectiveness of our methods. Medical students, faculty and other local and national organizations dedicated to disaster response are encouraged to attend these events. Information about upcoming symposia will be announced on this website.

2017: To be determined

Past topics have included:

  • 2016: A Health Disparity Perspective on Infectious Diseases
  • 2015: Disaster Medicine in Focus: Preparation, Implementation and Evaluation in Disaster Medicine
  • 2014: Mechanisms of Change: Health System Innovation and Advocacy
  • 2013: Cities in Crisis: Solutions and Resources to the Urban Health Disaster
  • 2012: Examining the 21st Century Urban Health Disaster.
  • 2010: From Haiti to Homelessness: The Changing Face of Disaster Relief
  • 2009: Epidemics to Pandemics: A Medical Provider's Approach

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